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Get creative with an Art Piece, Spoken Word/Oral/Musical Piece or Meme

Category I: Oral Piece

Submit a recording of an oral expression/musical/song on your chosen theme.

Category II: Art Piece

Submit a picture/short video explaining an original drawing/painting on your chosen theme

Category III: Meme

Submit an original Meme based on your chosen theme.

Participants are allowed to enter any categories in one of four levels:

  • Junior: Forms 1-3

  • Intermediate: Forms 4-5

  • Senior: Form 6

  • Teachers


Choose from the list of themes below:

  • Math is everywhere

  • Math to solve problems encounter in everyday life

  • Math and culture


Submissions Opening Soon

Submit entries via the button below:

Disclaimer: To access the Submission Form, you will need to sign-in to a gmail account.

Submissions Opening Soon

​Any enquiries about the competition and the rules should be emailed to

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