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Math is all around us. It is the glue that keeps everything together.

Check out our fun videos below showing fun applications of Math, and tricks to impress your friends!

Zombies vs Mathies

Remember when you thought that what you learned in Math class would never help you out in real life? Well, buckle up and get ready to learn about how you could survive the Zombie apocalypse... if you pay attention in Math class!
Prepared by: Ms Aniqah Beharry, AP

Math in Nature

Math is fundamental to life. Everything that happens around us in our everyday lives is influenced by Math. In this video, you'll learn about the relevance of Math in nature, specifically with flowers!
Prepared by: Ms Karishma Harrykissoon, AP and Ms Merlisa Bharath, AP

Probability in Everyday Life

Life is a game of chance. Check out this fun video to see how probability is weaved throughout our everyday lives!

Prepared by: Ms Merlisa Bharath, AP

Debunking Fallacious Math Proofs

We've all seen it - those Math proofs that show "0 = 1'' or something else we know is incorrect but they have ridiculous proof accompanying it. Well, this video shows you how to look out for where they went wrong to debunk and disprove the fake working!
Prepared by: Ms Sana Gabriel, AP

Common Math Mistakes

Everyone knows that Math can be confusing, but did you know that there are common mistakes? You'd be surprised at how many people and how often these mistakes trick us! Take note of them so that Math won't get the upper hand on you ever again!
Prepared by: Ms Renesha Ramkissoon, AP

Towers of Hanoi

We've all seen babies playing with this toy, but did you know that there's a Math method to the madness? Check out the trick to finish quickly!
Prepared by: Mr Vishnu Singh, AP
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