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There will be a multitude of activities, puzzles and brain teasers to attract students and promote enthusiasm for the field of Mathematics. A number of competitions will be introduced including Math Essay, Math Quiz and Math Model. The Department will have its own representatives with posters, as well as persons attached to the Department who can motivate students to consider careers in the field of Mathematics and Statistics, as well as showcase our research areas.

Welcome to the UWI Virtual Math Fair 2021!

We hope you enjoyed your day with us and the fun activities and videos inspired your love for Math!

Check out all the interactive games, Math History to show your friends, and our contest winners!

UWI Virtual Math Fair 2020/2021: Relevance of Math in a Pandemic.

Opening Ceremony

Welcome to the virtual Math Fair 2020/2021,
hosted by the University of the West Indies Department of Mathematics and Statistics!
A special thank you to the hosts of the events,
SUMS for their help in hosting the fun activities,
and all of you students who participated
to make the fair as successful as it was!
The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UWI, St Augustine wishes to extend our thanks
to the event sponsor for the Math Fair 2021 edition!


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